Banfield Pet Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Banfield Pet insurance policyholders/plan owners can access their pet’s medical records and view/update their wellness plan billing information by creating a “MyBanfield” account. Once signed in to the service, customers can also use the online pharmacy to order prescriptions. Use the instructions on this page to learn how to sign in to your account, register a new account if you’re a new customer, and reset your password.

How to Log In

Step 1 – Begin by going to the Banfield homepage (click the login button at the top of this page, or enter into your web browser).

Step 2 – Once on the homepage, press the “Login” button (located in the menu at the top of the page), or the “MyBanfield” link (as outlined below).


Step 3 – Enter your username and password into the sign-in form and then hit the “Log In” button.


Forgot Password – If you do not remember your account’s password, click the “password” link underneath the sign-in form. In the input field that generates, fill in your username or email. A password reset link will be sent to your email address.


Enroll in Online Access

Step 1 – Go to the main sign-in page by following the steps listed above.

Step 2 – Click the “Sign Up” button as outlined in the screenshot below.


Step 3 – Enter your client ID into in the input field and then hit “Continue” to move on to the next step.

Note: You must have a current client ID in order to create an online account.


Step 4 – Complete the remaining steps of the registration process to create your online account.