Free MAPFRE Auto Insurance Quote

You can obtain a free MAPFRE auto insurance quote online via their website (how-to guide posted below), as well as in-person at an agent’s office (click here to find a licensed agent in your area). Review the various benefits, features, and coverage options offered by MAPFRE by going to their homepage, clicking on the ‘Auto Insurance’ link and then selecting which state you are a resident of (the website is tailored to different states/regions).

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Begin by going to the homepage (either enter into your internet browser, or simply click the button/link at the top of this page).

Note: If you would rather speak to a representative over the phone about purchasing a policy, call 1-844-505-4467.

Step 2 – You should see a large, red colored ‘Get Quote’ button (as outlined in the screenshot). Select your state from the drop-down list, and then click the button to be taken to the main, three-step submission form.


Step 3 – Enter your first and last name into the fields on the left side of the page, then enter your full street address, and date of birth. Press ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page to move to the next section.

mapfre-quote-2Step 4 – In this section (the vehicle section) you will provide various vehicle/insurance/driving history details. Enter all of the required information to complete the quote process and receive your custom rate.