AAA Travel Insurance Reviews

AAA travel medical insurance policies provides international travelers (as well as individuals/families who live abroad) with short to long term medical coverage. Standard term lengths range from 10 days to two years, and provide one to two million in medical expense coverage. You can contact an agent over the phone/meet in-person to discuss plan options, or you can select and purchase a plan online via the website.

AAA Travel Insurance Login | Make a Payment

View AAA travel insurance policy information, make payments, and report a claim online 24/7 by signing in to your account on the website or the mobile app (use the links posted above to download the app to your mobile device). Numerous online account features are available for registered policyholders, including the ability to set up automatic (recurring) payments, view and print out your insurance ID card, and more. The sections below are guides that detail how to sign in to your account on the website, how to register a new account, as well as how to report a claim online. How to Log In Step 1 – The first step is to go to the main AAA homepage (either enter into your URL bar, or simply click the ‘Login’ button at the top of this page). Step 2 – After loading the main website, you will automatically be redirected to your region’s local homepage. Note: For example purposes, this guide is using the Southern New England site. Keep in mind that your local homepage may differ in layout/other details. Step 3 – Look for a ‘Sign In’ link near the very top of the homepage (as outlined in the screenshot below). Click the link to be taken to the secure login page. Step 4 – Enter your account email address and password to access your account. Note: You may need to verify your identity by answering the security question that you chose during the account creation process.  Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Starting on your region’s homepage, look for the ‘Register’ link in the menu on the top of the page. Step 2 – After clicking this link you will be transferred to the profile registration page. Step 3 – You will need to enter your first/last name, postal code, email address, member number, login email, password, and security question into the input fields. Step 4 – Press ‘Register’ at the bottom of the form. Make a Claim Step 1 – To report a claim on your travel medical insurance plan, you need to sign in to your account (follow the steps in the section above). Note: You can also contact a local agent/call the main customer service line as well (these contact numbers are available on your region’s website). Claims should be reported as soon as possible in order to minimize processing time.   

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