Aetna Health/Medical Insurance Reviews

Aetna Health Insurance policies are available in all states in the USA either privately or through the health exchange. There are a variety of plans available to members depending on their location. The health plans come with a host of benefits including tools and resources for managing your finances and health, access to one of the largest network of hospitals and doctors and ongoing support during treatment.

Free Aetna Health/Medical Insurance Quote

You can get a free Aetna health insurance quote at your convenience on the company’s website. By taking out a cover, you will have access to their nationwide network of doctors and a host of other benefits. Quotes are location specific, and packages will vary from one state to the other.  To get a quote, follow the instructions below. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Go to this page on the company’s website. Scroll down to locate the ‘find a plan’ form. Step 2 – Enter your zip code and click on the ‘submit, and then scroll for results’ button.   NOTE: From the next step, the quote process will be location specific. The steps might vary from one location to the other. Step 3 – You will be redirected to your area’s quote website. Enter your ZIP code once more as well as your date of birth, gender and whether or not you smoke. If you have a spouse or child that you want to be included in the cover, include their details as well. You will also be required to select between qualifying life event and open enrollment. Click on ‘Get Quotes’ to proceed. Step 4 – View available quotes. Pick one that is most suitable for you and proceed with the application process.

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Aetna Health Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Aetna Health Insurance members can manage their policies and make payments online 24/7 from wherever they are. Payments can be made with credit/debit cards or EFT. To access your online account or make a payment, follow the instructions below. How to Login Step 1 – On the company’s website, open the home page and locate the login button at the top of the page as shown below. Step 2 – You will be redirected to the member area login page. Enter your username and password, then click on ‘Secure Log In’ to access your account. Forgot user name – to recover your username, click on ‘forgot user name’. On the next page, you will be required to choose between registering with your member ID number or social security number. Enter the required details for whichever option you pick and click ‘continue’. Forgot password – to reset your password, click on ‘forgot password’. You will be required to enter your username and date of birth. Click ‘continue’ to proceed. NOTE: You can request help from Ann (a virtual assistant) if you have any trouble logging in. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Go to the homepage and locate the register link just below the login button. Step 2 – You will be redirected to the member area login page. Click on ‘Register Now’ under first time users. Step 3 – Choose how you want to register. You can choose between your social security number and your member ID number. You will be required to enter your name, date of birth and zip code. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed. Step 4 – Over the next 4 steps, you will be able to create your login credentials, select your preferences, read and accept the terms and conditions, and set up your profile. Mobile Login Step 1 – Using the browser on your mobile phone, go to Step 2 – Enter your login credentials and click on ‘Secure Log In’ as shown below. Non – Login Payment You do not have to log into the Aetna Payment System to pay your premiums. Follow the steps below to pay without logging in. Step 1 – Go to the pay your premium page and click on “use this link”. Step 2 – Enter your account number then click ‘Continue’. You will be required to enter your recent invoice number before you can pay.   Make a Claim Claims will be made for you by healthcare professionals in the company’s network. If you receive treatment from an out-of network provider, confirm with your doctor whether you need to make a claim. If you do, fill in and mail the medical claim form.      

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