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AIG life insurance plans are offered through ‘AIG Direct’ (term, universal life, quality of life, and variable universal) as well as American General. Policyholders can access their policy online via ‘eService.’ Request a quote online, or call one of the contact numbers on this page for a free, no-obligation quote. If you’re a policyholder, learn how to use AIG’s eService by going to the login guide.

Free AIG Life Insurance Quote

Although AIG life insurance quotes are not directly available online, you can request a quote using the online form as show in the guide below. You can also request a quote for a term, universal, or whole life policy by calling  1-888-543-3371. A great way to determine how much insurance you may need is to use AIG’s free coverage/policy calculator (instructions posted below). How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Go to the individual life insurance page by clicking the ‘Quote’ link at the top of this page (note: right-click the button and load the link in a new tab/window). Step 2 – Press the ‘Get a Quote’ button (or the ‘Submit info online’ link) as outlined below. Step 3 – Select your desired coverage amount from the drop-down list. Enter your first name, last name, home number, date of birth, height, weight, ZIP code, mobile phone number, and email address. Select your level of nicotine use. Note: You can also call the quote hotline at 800-294-4544. How to Use the Life Insurance Calculator  Step 1 – On the main life insurance page, press the ‘Calculator’ link. Step 2 – Select whether to supplement your family’s income for X amount of years, or to only cover the one-time expenses as listed in the input section. Step 3 – Enter the following asset information as it pertains to your current financial circumstances: Cash/savings Home equity Investments Other Step 4 – The next input section is comprised of death expenses. Enter the following inputs: Estate taxes Probate Funeral Uninsured medical expenses Debt repayment College funds Step 5 – Enter your family’s future income amounts: Work income Social security benefits Other various income Step 6 – Enter your family’s future expenses: Child care Living expenses College expenses Job training Other   Step 7 – Adjust the inflation rate, savings interest rate, and state+federal tax rates (if necessary). Select your gender and then hit the ‘Show Results’ button.  

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AIG Life Insurance Login | Make a Payment

AIG life insurance customers (both AIG Direct and American General Life) can access their policies online via ‘eService.’ Once logged in to eService, policyholders can update billing details, request changes to their policies, view claim statuses,  and more. Current customers can learn how to access eService by reading the quick-guides below. If you have purchased a policy, but have not yet created an online account, learn how to register one in the ‘Enroll’ guide. A general overview of the death claims process can be viewed at the bottom of the page. How to Log In AIG login Step 1 – Click the login button at the top of this page to go directly to the eService sign-in page (note: load the page in a new tab/window so you can follow along with this guide). Step 2 – Enter your sign-in ID and password. Click ‘Sign In’ to access your account. Forgot Password – Press the ‘Forgot Password?’ button below the sign-in input fields. Enter your sign-in ID and hit ‘Submit.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to continue and complete the password reset process. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – On the login page, click the ‘Create New Profile’ button as outlined in the screenshot below. Step 2 – Enter the following information into the form: Policy number Last name Date of birth ZIP code Email address Press the continue button at the bottom of the form to move to the next step. Step 3 – Create your username, password, and security credentials. Make a Claim Go to the claims page and review what documents/information you will need before starting the claims process. Step 1 – Call the customer service center at 1-800-521-2773. After submitting your claimant statement (and other required documents) to the customer service department, your claim will be processed. AIG Life Insurance Review AIG (American International Group, Inc) is one of the largest insurance carriers in the world and they offer their insurance products in 80 countries. The company serves millions of people around the world and offers life insurance at an affordable price. AIG insurance not only offers life insurance but also:  In terms of life insurance AIG offers: The reputable company is one that is financially stable with $586.48 billion in total assets in 2020. On the AIG insurance website there is the AIG login where you can manage your policy/policies as well as make payments on your premiums.  Types of Coverage AIG Life Insurance Offers There are 10 AIG insurance plans from accidental death plans with acceptance that is guaranteed to policies that are permanent that offer millions of dollars in coverage. Here are the plans offered:  Accidental Death Insurance  AIG life insurance offers accidental death for both you as well as your family giving you solid coverage if there is an accident and you pass away or are injured in a serious manner. You can get up to a half a million dollars in coverage and people between 18-80 years of age can get this insurance and you do not have to take a medical examination and you cannot be denied coverage.  Guaranteed Issue Whole Life  This coverage has guaranteed acceptance if you fall between 50 and 80 years of age. There is no need to take a medical examination and you will not be asked any questions in terms of your health. The range of the coverage starts at $5,000 and goes to $25,000 and in your lifetime, you can rest assured with protection that is permanent.  AIG Life Insurance Terms  This is an affordable coverage option and you can purchase coverage for a set period of time (10 to 35 years). If you have this coverage and pass away the death benefits will go to your beneficiaries. When this AIG life insurance term passes the expiration date you will not be covered any longer. You have limits all the way to $10 million with 35 years the max term.  Quality of Life Plans  There are benefits that are accelerated in the Quality of Life (QoL) plans and you may be able to get early death benefits. The QoL plans offered are:  Universal Life Insurance  In the AIG insurance policies for universal life you have a death benefit that is flexible and it is similar to a long term savings account. The AIG life insurance universal life policies are:  AIG life insurance offers riders, which are add-ons to your policy, which you will pay more for. Here are the available riders:  AIG Life Insurance Prices AIG insurance offers life insurance products at a competitive price and on the website, it states you can get solid coverage for as little as $14 a month. However, some of the insurance products offered are higher than other insurance carriers. The factors that will determine the price of the AIG life insurance you get are:  If you want pricing information you can get it on the AIG insurance website through the AIG life insurance login in the AIG e-service portal and you can also call them at 1 (800) 445-7862.  AIG Life Insurance Discounts Unlike the other insurance products offered by AIG insurance there are no life insurance discounts. However, you can save money on the policy that you get by buying more coverage, for a better long-term deal, and if you are not a smoker and are in good health. The best way to see if you can get discounted AIG life insurance is to call them or use the AIG insurance login.  AIG Life Insurance Pros and Cons Pros  Cons  FAQ How to use AIG broker login? To use the broker login at AIG life insurance you will first have to fill out the form here and then the company will get back to you. Then you can use the broker portal. There is also a broker services phone number at 1 (877) TO-SERVE.  How do I use AIG payment? You can use AIG payment to make payments to your premiums online, over the phone, and by sending checks by snail mail. You can

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