American Access Casualty Insurance Reviews

American Access Casualty Company Insurance primarily serves the Hispanic community and specializes in offering non-standard auto/vehicle policies (such as SR-22). The company was formed in 1999 and has its corporate offices in Downers Grove, Illinois. American Access operates in several states throughout the country including Illinois, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Indiana. If you’re a current policyholder and want to learn how to make a payment or file a claim then click the “Login” button on this page.

American Access Casualty File a Claim | Make a Payment

Learn how to file a claim on your American Access Casualty policy by following the claims guide below. If you need to make a payment towards your policy then follow the directions in the payment section. Note: American Access Casualty does not have an online policy management tool/”portal” at this time. If you want to make changes to your plan/policy then get in touch with your agent (click here to find an agent in your area – link opens in a new tab/window). File a Claim Step 1 – If you need to report an accident you must call the claims line at 630-645-7755 (or your agent). Step 2 – In order to report a claim you must have the following information: Names/contact information for all of the involved drivers/witnesses Policy numbers/company contact details for involved drivers Photos of your vehicle’s damage/other vehicle’s damage Make a Payment Step 1 – You can make an online payment by going to the payments page (here). Step 2 – Enter your policy number and date of birth into the input fields and then press the “Find My Policy” button. Step 3 – After your policy has been found you will be able to make your payment. Online payments can only be made via credit/debit card. Note: You can also make a debit/credit payment over the phone by calling 888-663-5443. Related Life Insurance Articles What is Life Insurance? Whole Life Insurance Term vs Whole Life Insurance LIRP: A Life Insurance Tax-Free Retirement Plan Colonial Penn Life Insurance 2023 Life Insurance Tips Is Life insurance a good career path? How to Start Selling Life Insurance How To Use Life Insurance While Alive

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