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Banfield Pet Hospital offers “wellness plans” that cover a pre-determined amount of vaccinations, doctor visits, medications, etc. for a customer’s pet(s). The plan cannot be used at any other animal hospital (except for Banfield). It’s important to note that Banfield wellness plans are not actual insurance plans. Wellness plan customers can access their account online via “MyBanfield.” If you’re interested in enrolling in a wellness plan, call the “enrollment” number listed on this page, or go to the Banfield website and fill out the “Inquire” form.

Banfield Pet Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Banfield Pet insurance policyholders/plan owners can access their pet’s medical records and view/update their wellness plan billing information by creating a “MyBanfield” account. Once signed in to the service, customers can also use the online pharmacy to order prescriptions. Use the instructions on this page to learn how to sign in to your account, register a new account if you’re a new customer, and reset your password. Banfield login How to Log In Step 1 – Begin by going to the Banfield homepage (click the login button at the top of this page, or enter into your web browser). Step 2 – Once on the homepage, press the “Login” button (located in the menu at the top of the page), or the “MyBanfield” link (as outlined below). Step 3 – Enter your username and password into the sign-in form and then hit the “Log In” button. Forgot Password – If you do not remember your account’s password, click the “password” link underneath the sign-in form. In the input field that generates, fill in your username or email. A password reset link will be sent to your email address. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Go to the main sign-in page by following the steps listed above. Step 2 – Click the “Sign Up” button as outlined in the screenshot below. Step 3 – Enter your client ID into in the input field and then hit “Continue” to move on to the next step. Note: You must have a current client ID in order to create an online account. Step 4 – Complete the remaining steps of the registration process to create your online account.   Banfield Pet Insurance Review Banfield pet insurance is a company that was founded in 1955 in Portland, Oregon and they are the biggest general veterinary practice in the United States. They also offer their services in Puerto Rico as well. They are powered by over 3,600 veterinarians whose main goal is to help your furry friend. They have their services offered in over 1,000 pet hospitals and they are not a typical carrier, as rather than usual coverage insurance they offer the unique Optimum Wellness Plans (OWPs). The pets they have plans for are dogs and cats.  The OWPs they offer help deliver quality care that is customized that takes care of your pet’s needs. There is VetChat, which is a 24/7 live service chat, and they also have virtual office visits. The plans offered are more for preventative action taken, so your pet can avoid going to the vet. Early diagnosis is a key aspect of the plans offered and they focus on five categories of the wellness of your pet, which are:  Primary care Preventable disease Oral health Mobility Nutrition With typical pet insurance, or for any insurance for that matter, you will have to pay a premium and then you want to be reimbursed. With OWPs you will pay monthly or annual installments for the plan that you want to get. They are solid and affordable plans that are specifically setup in order to support the health of your pet. When you enroll in one of the OWP’s you will get a 1-on-1 consultation with a vet in the Banfield family and because of that you are ensured of getting the right coverage.  On the Banfield pet insurance website there is the Banfield login where you can manage the policy plan that you have for your pet.   Types of coverage Banfield Pet Insurance Offers The Optimum Wellness Plans that Banfield Pet insurance offers are in the forms of packages, as they offer:  Puppy Packages (dogs under 6 months old)  Kitten Packages (cats under 6 months old)  Dog Packages  Cat Packages  The Optimum Wellness Plans will pay the full cost of every vet visit or procedure on the level of coverage you have.  The medical conditions that are covered by Banfield Pet insurance are:  Hereditary issues  Congenital issues  Cancer Chronic illness Dental issues Breeding The medical treatments that are covered by Banfield insurance are:  Testing at a diagnostic level  Surgery  Hospitalization  Prescribed medications Emergency care  Care of a special nature  Therapy for behavioral issues  Prosthetics and mobility aids  All of the packages include:  Solid and affordable preventative pet care – The OWP packages offered are specifically designed for one purpose and that is to ensure the wellness of your pet.  No limit on office visits – No matter what OWP package you have there will never be a fee of an office visit on the bill you receive.  Examinations that are comprehensive – Every aspect of your pet’s health is covered in the comprehensive exams given to your pet.  Routine vaccinations that are recommended – You can give your pet the best protection possible against illnesses with recommended vaccinations as well as boosters.  Testing at a diagnostic level – The OWPs include blood tests, stool tests, radiology testing and others done on a routine basis to make sure your pet is healthy and if not getting to the bottom of why in a quick manner.  Payments that are affordable – You can choose to pay for the OWP payment at one time or break it up into 12 monthly installments and there are never any interest fees involved.  Discount that is OWP-based – You can receive a discount on many of the products, as well as services, that Banfield pet insurance offers that are not a part of your specific OWP program.  Option to add parasite control – You can speak to your vet for the best parasite control action to take and you even have the possibility to add that cost to the OWP payment you make on a monthly basis.  The OWP you have through Banfield can be used at the over 1,000 locations across the US. Also included in your OWP will be:  Two virtual office visits  VetChat 24/7 vet advice  A unique session of coaching for your pet’s nutrition  You also have online access to the medical

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