Costco Health Insurance Reviews

Costco Health Insurance is available for individuals, as well as employees of both small (less than 50 employees) and large (over 50 employees) businesses. Individual plans vary from state to state, and several different carriers are offered by several different carriers. There are two different employee benefits plans available; Aetna Select and Hawaii PPO/HMO. Free quotes can be obtained by going to the main quote site (follow the instructions on the “Quote” page).

Free Costco Health Insurance Quote

Follow the instructions posted below to learn how you can get a free Costco Health Insurance quote. Custom rates are available to individuals/families as well as small or large businesses (group plans). Due to the Affordable Healthcare Act, the majority of individual plans cannot be enrolled in* until a “open enrollment period” (typically 1-2 times per year). You may still search for plans to review costs, coverages, etc. however you will not be able to purchase/enroll. *You may purchase/enroll in a health plan if you qualify for an exemption (known as a “qualifying life event”). Example of qualifying life events include losing coverage, change in your permanent residence, change in household size, etc. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Go to the main Costco quote site ( Step 2 – Select whether you want to view individual, small business, or large business plans. Step 3 – If you are viewing plans outside of an open enrollment period, you will need to select a qualifying event from the drop-down list, or select “I do not have a qualifying event but would like to window shop for plans.” Step 4 – Enter the desired effective date of the policy, your ZIP code, county of residence, costco membership number, and whether or not you want to see if you qualify for a government subsidy. Hit the next button to go to the next section. Step 5 – Enter your first/last name, who you would like to cover (yourself, yourself/spouse, etc.), gender, date of birth, if you use tobacco products or not, your email address, and your phone number. Step 6 – After entering all of the required details you will be able to view your custom rate.

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