Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Reviews

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance is a subsidiary of Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Group. The company is headquartered out of Gainesville, Florida and offers property as well as casualty insurance products/services to individuals and businesses throughout the state. Florida Farm specializes in writing policies for members of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation (however members of any county farm bureau are eligible for coverage). Current policyholders can manage their policy online by enrolling for online access (press the “Login” link to learn more).

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Login | File a Claim

Current Florida Farm Bureau Insurance policyholders can manage their policy 24/7 by creating an online account on the FFB website. Instructions for how to register a new account, sign in to an existing account, reset your password, as well as how to file a claim are posted in the guides below. How to Log In Step 1 – Access the login page by going to the homepage () and then clicking the “My Account” link. Step 2 – Once on the sign-in page put your membership number and password into the input fields and then click the login button. Forgot Password – Click the “Forgot You Password?” link on the login page (below the input fields). Click the link to go to the registration page (you will need to register another account in order to reset your password). Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Press the “Register” link on the login page. Step 2 – Enter your membership number, last name, email address, ZIP, and password. Agree to the terms/conditions and then click the “Register Now” button. File a Claim Step 1 – Claims can be filed by calling the main claims line at 1-866-275-7322, getting in touch with your agent (click here to search for your agent’s contact information), or by signing in to your account.

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