Foremost Auto Insurance Reviews

Foremost auto insurance plans are available to qualifying customers in every state in the country, although motorists in certain geographic regions may not be eligible to purchase a policy, and some coverages are not available in all areas. Specific forms of coverage include bodily injury/property damage, uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical payments, comprehensive, and collision. There are several discounts available to qualifying policyholders. The company is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, and has its headquarters in the state of Michigan.

Free Foremost Auto Insurance Quote

Review the different coverage and plan options offered by Foremost auto insurance on their website by clicking here. If you would rather go over your options in person, go to this page to find an agent in your area. Quotes are available online or in-person at a local office. The guide posted below goes over how to use the website’s online quote form to get a free rate. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Start by going to the quote page ( by clicking the button at the top of this page. Step 2 – From the two drop-down lists, select your state and then select ‘Auto.’ Press ‘Go.’ Step 3 – Certain states (Alaska, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and New Jersey) are not currently being serviced. If you live in an eligible region, you will need to get in touch with a local agent to discuss policy options. Step 4 – On any page of the website, enter your ZIP code into the ‘Find an Agent’ form. Select your state and then click the ‘Find an Agent’ button. Note: Customer support agents are available by calling 1-888-888-0080 (Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM), if you are an AARP member call 1-800-752-2461 for specialized service. ‘Direct’ customers should call 1-800-237-2060.

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Foremost Auto Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Manage various aspects of your Foremost auto insurance policy by creating an account via the website (a detailed overview of the registration process is posted below). Although policyholders will need to sign in to their accounts in order to setup recurring payments, one-time payments can be made without signing in/creating an account (this process is also detailed below). There are currently no Foremost mobile applications, although mobile users can still access the website on their devices by using a web browser. How to Log In Step 1 – There are two ways to access the log in page: via the homepage, or by going directly to the sign-in page (click the ‘Login’ button at the top of this page). Otherwise, enter into your web browser. Step 2 – Once on the homepage, hover over the ‘Online Payment’ menu item and click the ‘For Auto’ link. You will be redirected to the secure account login page. Step 3 – Enter your email address and password, and then click the ‘Login’ button. Forgot Password – If you have forgotten your password then you can click the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link located directly under the password input field. On the next page, enter your user ID and click ‘Submit’ to begin the reset process. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Go to the main login page (either by the steps listed above or by clicking the button at the very top of this page). Step 2 – Press the ‘Sign Up Here’ link. Step 3 – The registration form is made of three separate steps. Enter your last name, date of birth, ZIP code, and policy number into the input fields one the first page of the form, and then click the ‘Continue’ button to move on to the next section. Step 4 – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-up process. Non-Login Payment Step 1 – On the main sign-in page, press the ‘Make payment without logging in’ link. Step 2 – You will be transferred to Foremost’s ‘WebPay Service’ page. Enter your ZIP code and policy number (or last name, and date of birth). Press ‘Find Policy.’ Step 3 – If your policy is found, you will be presented with various payment options. Follow the on-screen instructions to make your one-time payment. Make a Claim Step 1 – You can make an auto claim over the phone by calling 1-800-274-7865. You can also report a claim online by going to this page and filling out the contact/claim information sections.

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