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Hagerty is one of the world’s leading classic car insurers (and often recognized as the United State’s largest classic car insurance provider). The company was founded in 1984 in Traverse City, Michigan (where its corporate headquarters still remain). The company offers classic auto (including trucks and sport utility vehicles), motorcycle, and boat insurance products (as well as policies for businesses that deal in classic vehicles such as restorers, shop owners, museums, event organizers, and dealers).

Free Hagerty Auto Insurance Quote

Getting a free Hagerty classic car insurance quote is fast and easy with the online rate quote tool provided on the Hagerty website. Custom policy quotes can also be obtained in-person by visiting a licensed representative (go here to find a representative in your area – there are agents located in every state of the country). See if your vehicle qualifies for a policy by reviewing the vehicle classifications on this page. Use the guide below to learn how to use the rate quote tool. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Go to the homepage by clicking the link at the top of this page, or by entering www.hagerty.com into your web browser. Step 2 – On the homepage, click ‘Quote Now’ button as outlined below. Step 3 – Select your state from the list of options. Step 4 – Select your vehicle type (auto, truck, motorcycle, scooter, tractor, military, firetruck). Step 5 – Select your vehicle’s year of production. Step 6 – Select your vehicle’s make. Step 7 – Select the model. Step 8 – Select the body style. Step 9 – Select a modification type (choose ‘stock’ if not applicable). Step 10 – Enter the assumed value of your vehicle, the annual miles driven, where the vehicle is stored, if the vehicle is currently in restoration or not, and the primary usage. Click ‘Next.’ Step 11 – Select whether or not you want to add another vehicle. Step 12 – Select how many licensed drivers/cars are in your household, how many drivers operate the classic vehicle, how many operators are under the age of 30, and whether or not any of the operators have had any moving violations/accidents within the past three years. Step 13 – Enter your date of birth, email address, and current insurer. Click ‘Next’ to reveal your custom rate quote.

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Hagerty Auto Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Active policyholders can view, download, and print various Hagerty auto insurance policy details by signing in to their online account. Payments (both one-time and recurring) can also be set up/sent via the online account area. Claims can be filed without logging in, however the process will be much faster if your sign in to your account. Use the guides below to learn how to sign in, register a new account, and file a claim. Hagerty Insurance login  How to Log In Step 1 – Start the sign-in process by going to the Hagerty homepage (www.hagerty.com). Step 2 – Once there, press the ‘Account Management’ button located at the top of the page. You will be taken to the account login page. Step 3 – Enter your account’s email address and password into the input fields, and then click the ‘Continue’ link at the bottom of the page. Note: Depending on your security settings, you may be required to verify your identity by answering security verification questions.  Forgot Password – On the login page, click the link at the bottom titled ‘Forgot Your Password?’ Enter your email address (user ID) and click ‘Submit.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to continue/finish the password reset process. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – On the main sign-in page, click the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page, or the ‘Create Account’ link near the bottom. You will be transferred to the account creation page. Step 2 – Select a user ID (email address) and password. Enter these details, and then click ‘Register.’ Make a Claim You can file a claim online by signing in to your account. If your claim is urgent, you should call the dedicated claims line at 1(800)-922-4050. You can also email the claims department at this address: [email protected] Step 1 – To file a claim without signing in to your account, go to this page. Step 2 – Enter the following information into the form: Full name Best contact number Policy number Name of policyholder Date of accident Time that accident occurred Year, make, model of vehicle VIN (last four numbers) City where accident took place State where accident took place Short description of accident Step 3 – Click the ‘Continue’ button to review your information, and submit the form for processing. After your form has been submitted, a representative will contact you (typically within one business day) to continue the claims process. Hagerty Auto Insurance Review Hagerty is an auto insurance carrier that specializes in classic cars, collectable cars, and other vehicles. They do not insure typical vehicles that other companies do and they have been offering insurance products since 1991. The company is all about people that love older and collectable vehicles and they offer solid products at a competitive price. On the main website there is not only insurance information and a Hagerty insurance login to manage your policy, but also a lot of stories and videos aimed at car lovers.  The types of vehicles that Hagerty insures are:  Collector and classic cars  1980 and newer collector cars  Collector trucks and SUVs  Motorcycles and scooters  Boats  Motorsports vehicles  High performance track days  Modified cars  Classic and antique tractors  Collector military vehicles  Retired commercial vehicles  They also offer insurance products for:  High value vehicle collection  Business insurance (Car building and restoration insurance, Museum insurance, Dealership insurance, Storage facility insurance). Types of Coverage Hagerty Auto Insurance Offers Hagerty auto insurance is a niche provider but they still offer the basic types of coverage and many specialty products as well that will be touched on later.  Here is the typical coverage available at Hagerty auto insurance:  Liability – If there is an accident and you are at fault, this will help cover the costs for expenses for others injured. It will help pay for such things as loss of income, medical expenses, and expenses for a funeral. This coverage also covers costs for another person’s vehicle or property damage that you caused.  Uninsured Motorist – This will help protect you if another person is at fault in an accident and they do not have insurance or not enough of it to cover the expenses that you have.  Collision – This covers your vehicle if it is in an accident with an object or another vehicle.  Comprehensive – This helps cover the cost of your vehicle if it is damaged by something that is not a collision such as natural disasters, damage from animals, or falling objects.  Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – This can help with the costs of medical expenses and the loss of wages if there has been an accident that is covered and it does not matter who is at fault in the accident.  Since Hagerty is a niche insurer, they use a type of Agreed Value coverage, which they refer to as Guaranteed Value coverage. With this type of coverage, Hagerty will use classic and collective car industry leading tools, that will come up with the true value of your vehicle. After that, you will work with them to come up with an agreed value policy where it guarantees you will be paid out the full value of your vehicle if it is totaled.  Hagerty also offers:  Spare parts coverage – This type of coverage protects your valuable tools, equipment, and spare parts needed to keep your classic or collectible vehicle running smoothly.  Auto Show Medical Reimbursement – With this coverage, you can be reimbursed for some or all medical costs if you or a family member are injured at any type of auto show.  Roadside assistance – This helps cover the costs if your car breaks down on the road and also covers other expenses such as changing a flat tire or helping you if you are locked out of your vehicle.  Since Hagerty specializes in classic cars and collectable vehicles there are many other types of special policies. For example for the category of Motorsport vehicles they offer insurance for non-street legal race cars and motorcycles and street legal race cars as well as single

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