Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a product targeted at dog and cat owners who want their pets covered against injury and illness. The company only offers one plan where customers get to choose between 3 levels of annual deductibles and reimbursement levels. Coverage is provided with no limits on claims as long as the condition or injury is not pre-existing. To get a quote, click on the “Quote” link at the top of this page.

Health Paws Pet insurance Login | Make a Payment

Health Paws Pet insurance policyholders can log into the Customer Center to access their policy information 24/7. Users of the service can add a new pet to their policy, update their payment and contact information, and submit and view claims. To create a Customer Center account, log in or file claims, follow the step by step instructions given below. Healthy Paws login How to Log In   Step 1 – Go to the Healthy Paws homepage. You can click on the login button appearing at the top of this page or simply enter into your web browser. Step 2 – Click on the “Customers” link on the top right hand side of the page. A drop down menu will appear. Click on the “Sign In” button. You will be redirected to the sign in page. Step 3 – On the next page, enter your email address and password in the fields provided. Click “Sign In” to proceed. Forgot Your Password – To recover your password, click on the “forgot your password” link just below the login form. A pop up form will appear requiring you to enter your email address. Type it in and click “Send Password”. Enroll in Online Access Step 1– Go to the homepage ( Step 2 – Click on the “Customers” link on the main menu as shown below. On the drop down menu that appears, click on “Sign In”. Step 3 – Click on the “Click Here” link just below the login form as shown below. Step 4 – A pop up form will appear requiring you to enter your email address on record. A temporary password will be sent to the valid email address provided. Click on the Send Password button to complete the process. Make a Payment Step 1 – You have to sign in to your account to make a payment. File a Claim Step 1 – On the homepage, click on the “Customers” link on the main menu. On the drop down menu that appears, click on Sign In. Step 2– Upload the veterinary invoice for your pet. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Company Review Healthy Paws pet insurance is a carrier that insures dogs and cats and was founded back in2009. The owners and co-founders of the company, Steve Siadek and Rob Jackson met at ananimal shelter and on the website it states, “Everything we do is driven from our love ofanimals and our commitment to pet health.” They offer a pet insurance plan that will coveraccidents to your pets as well as if they are ill. Healthy Paws pet insurance was the number onerated, by customers, pet insurance plan from 2010-2020. There are more than 500,000 petsinsured through the company. On the Healthy Paws insurance website, there is a Healthy Paws login where you can manageyour pet’s policy. The company also created the very first iPhone app for pet insurance and thatapp is also available for Android users as well. Through the insurance plans, customers can saveup to 90% on vet bills. By clicking on the Pet Insurance button on the Healthy Paws website you will see the categoriesof Pet Insurance Plan and Comprehensive Coverage with links like: Pet Insurance Plan Dog and Puppy Insurance Cat and Kitten Insurance Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Benefits, Coverage & Exclusions Wellness vs. Insurance Plans View Our Policy Frequently Asked Questions Comprehensive Coverage Illness & Accidents Hereditary & Congenital Conditions Cancer Coverage Chronic Conditions Emergency & Specialty Hospitals Alternative Care Hip Dysplasia Cost of Pet Health Care Reasons to Choose Healthy Paws Pet Insurance The reason to choose Healthy Paws is pretty basic as it allows you to give the best medical carein both cat and dog insurance plans. The plans cover: Accidents Illness Caner Emergency treatment Genetic conditions Alternative care If your dog or cat is in need of treatment because of an accident or they are ill and there is nopre-existing condition, or any other exclusion in the policy, you are covered with Healthy Paws. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews In terms of Healthy Paws pet insurance reviews the company has received more than manypositive ones. It was not only rated #1 by customers from the period of 2010-2020 but alsoreceived individual annual customer reviews as the best pet insurance in 2017, 2018, and 2019by review sites such as,, just to name a few. Comparing Healthy Paws Pet Insurance with Other Carriers Let’s compare Pets Best to Healthy Paws. Pets Best offers customers both payouts for $5,000 orunlimited and Healthy Paws just offers unlimited payouts. While Healthy Paws has a 12-monthwait period for hip dysplasia, against Pets Best with a period of 14 days, Healthy Paws has ashorter ACL period of 15 days as compared to six months. Looking at Healthy Paws vs Pets Best,Healthy Paws does not cover the cost of exams while Pets Best does. Here are all the things Healthy Paws offers that Pets Best does not: Alternative care as well as genetic conditions coverage is included in all plans available. A foundation specifically dedicated to the welfare of pets. In comparing nationwide pet insurance to Healthy Paws according to the Canine Journalwebsite, Healthy Paws had a much better overall score of 4.3/5 to 3.15/5. Healthy Paws scoredmuch better in terms of customer service and reputation, claim repayment, plan customization,and policy price. Here are all the things Healthy Paws offers that Nationwide does not: No payout caps on any type of plan. Alternative care as well as genetic conditions coverage is included in all plans. The method of reimbursement is based on the veterinarian bill rather than on a benefitschedule. Mobile application for simple and fast processing of claims. Foundation specifically dedicated to the welfare of pets. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Prices Healthy Paws pet insurance offers competitive prices for both dog and cat insurance. To see theprice of the quote you can go to the website and click on the See My Rates on the bottom ofthe page. If you already have

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Free Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Quote

Learn how to obtain a free Healthy Paws pet insurance quote by following the step by step instructions given below. You can get a quote for your cat or dog on the website in a few simple steps. Coverage options include illness and accidents, hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer, chronic conditions, emergency and specialty hospitals, and alternative care. Discounts include animal welfare volunteers, military service, alumni or association organizations, membership groups and employer sponsored plans.  You can learn more about Healthy Paws policies by visiting this page (link opens in a new tab). How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Go to the homepage. You can enter the address in your browser or click on the “Quote” link provided above.  Enter your pet’s name in the field shown below then click on the See My Rates button to proceed. Note: You can get a quote by calling customer service at 1-855-898-8991. Step 2 – On the next page, select whether you have a dog or a cat, its breed, date of birth, your zip code and your email address. Click on the “see my rates” button to proceed. Step 3 – You can now view your quote. You can change the reimbursement levels and annual deductible to vary the monthly rates. Scroll down to view the coverage options available. Click “Next” to start the enrollment process.  

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