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Markel Business (Specialty) Insurance is a subdivision of Markel Coropration. The company offers property/casualty insurance products and services to commercial and individual customers. Markel was founded in 1930 and is based out of Richmond, Virginia. It specializes in providing underwriting solutions to hard-to-place customers. Examples include plans tailored to livestock management, human services, health clubs, medical transportation, special events, museums, pest control, schools, and more.

Markel Business Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Markel Specialty policyholders can manage their plan (view policy details, update information, make payments, set up recurring payments, etc.) by creating an online account. Use the guides below to learn how to access your online account, register a new one, make a payment without logging in, reset your password, and file a claim. How to Log In Step 1 – Click the login link at the top of this page to go directly to the sign-in page. Step 2 – Enter your username and password into the login form. Forgot Password – On the main login page, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link. Enter your username into the first input field and then complete the captcha (“verify the text”). After verifying your identity you will be able to reset your password. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Click the “Create an Account” button on the login page. Step 2 – Enter your account number, ZIP code, and text verification into the input fields. Press the “Register” button to go to the next step. Step 3 – Create your username/password. Make a Payment Step 1 – Payments can be made by signing in to your account, over the phone ( 1-866-665-4983  – available 24/7), or by going to this page. Step 2 – Enter your account number, ZIP code, and then verify the text. Step 3 – Provide any more required information, and then enter your payment details. File a Claim Step 1 – Claims should be reported as soon as possible either by calling 800-362-7535, getting in touch with your agent, or emailing [email protected] (and your agent). Click here to file a claim notice. Step 2 – Print out the incident report form (link on this page) and then fill it out. Step 3 – Claims/claim notices must include the following details: Policy number Insured/claimant contact information Date/time of loss, description of loss Location of the insured item(s) (if applicable) Any other documentation that will aid in the filing/processing of the claim Note: Email [email protected] if you have questions regarding the status of an open claim.

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