Shelter Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Shelter home insurance policy holders enjoy a comprehensive insurance program that covers nearly every type of home with a variety of plans. Customers can opt for standard homeowner’s, dwelling fire, mobile home or renter’s insurance policies. The company also offers a cover for valuables and property that would normally not be covered under a home policy.  The company operates in Colorado, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee. For more information about the covers available, visit the website or get in touch with an agent.

Free Shelter Home Insurance Quote

You can get a free Shelter home insurance quote for the wide range of coverage options available. You will also get to know what discounts you qualify for. This is the first step to safeguarding your home and possessions in case disaster strikes. Call customer service at 1-800-743-5837 if you need help getting a quote. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – On the website, locate the ‘Get a Quote’ form as illustrated below.  Click on the ‘Continue’ button to kick-start the quote process. Step 2 –Select a policy state and click ‘Continue’ to proceed. Step 3 – Enter your name, address, phone number and email address. You will be required to state whether you have an existing policy or previously held one with the company. When you are done, click ‘Continue’ to proceed. Step 4 – From the list of agents in your area, select one. You can narrow down your search to between 10 and 100 miles from your location using the ‘find new agent’ form on the right hand side of your screen. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed Step 5 – Confirm that the details you provided are accurate and leave any comments or suggestions you may have. Click ‘submit’ to complete the quote process.  Your quote request will be sent to the agent of your choice. They will get in touch with you soon.  

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Shelter Home Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Shelter home insurance policyholders can view policy information, statements, quotes and claim information online through the My Shelter service. Users can also set up payment towards their policy and contact agents through the platform 24/7. The instructions below outline the process of registering, logging in, making payments and filing claims. How to Log In Step 1 – Go to and locate the login form as illustrated below. Step 2 – On the relevant field, enter your password and user ID. Click on the ‘Log In’ button to access your account. Forgot ID/Password – To recover your user ID or reset your password, you need to click on the ‘forgot ID/password’ link. Enter your user ID to start the password reset process. To recover your user ID, enter your email address and name. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – On the homepage, click on ‘Register’ just below the login form as illustrated below. Step 2 – On the next page, enter your policy number, date of birth, name and social security number. Click ‘Continue’ when you’re done. Step 3 – You will be required to provide some information about your account in order to proceed. Mobile Log In Step 1 – Go to the website using a browser of your choice on your mobile phone. Step 2 – On the login form, enter your user ID and password. Click on the ‘Log In’ button to access your account. Non-Login Payment Step 1 – On the website, click on the ‘Pay Bills’ link appearing on the right hand side of the top menu. Step 2 – To pay without signing in, select the ‘pay without signing in’ option and click ‘Continue’. Have your credit card information ready to complete the payment. Make a Claim NOTE: You can file a claim while logged into your ‘My Shelter’ account or without logging in. Step 1 – Go to the homepage and hover your cursor over ‘Claims’ on the top menu as shown below.  On the drop down menu that appears, click on ‘File a Claim’. Step 2 – At this point, you can choose whether you want to log in or proceed without logging in. Click ‘Continue’. NOTE: From the next step, the instructions are for the non-login claim process. Step 3 – Enter the characters displayed on your screen for verification and click ‘Continue’. Step 4 – Provide your policy number, then click ‘Continue’. Step 5 – Follow prompt and provide all necessary information to complete the claim process.

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