State Farm Life Insurance Reviews

State Farm offers four different types of life insurance (each with its own subset of policies) to qualifying applicants: term, whole, universal, and variable universal life. A term life plan is suitable for individuals who require short-term protection, whereas a universal or variable universal plan provides a permanent, and more flexible form of protection. You can get a free quote online, over the phone, or in-person at a local branch office.

Free State Farm Life Insurance Quote

You can obtain a free State Farm life insurance quote online via the website, as well as over the phone with a licensed agent. Policies vary in coverage amounts and term lengths, and are customizable to the specific needs of the applicant. Detailed information regarding the different aspects of life insurance, and the plans offered by State Farm can be viewed here. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Starting on this page, select the state you live in from the drop-down list (outlined in the image below). Step 2 – Click the ‘Go’ button. Step 3 – Enter you gender, DOB, height/weight, whether you have used any tobacco products within the past three years, and your general level of health (average, good, very good, excellent). Enter your desired coverage amount (choose between selecting from common amounts, entering your own number, or using your life expenses). Click the ‘Get Quote’ button at the bottom of the page. Note: There are four main steps to the online quote process (1. Determine Coverage 2. Select Policy 3. Customize Policy 4. Review/Apply). Step 4 – On the next page you will select your policy type (term or whole life). Click the ‘Select and Continue’ button under the policy you want to apply for. Note: You can compare the policies on this page by pressing the ‘Compare Policies’ button at the bottom/top of the form. Step 5 – On the next page you can customize your coverage, and add other individuals to your policy (such as children or family members). Step 6 – Click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page to review your quote, and apply for your plan.

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State Farm Life Insurance Login | Make a Payment

You can make an online payment towards your State Farm life insurance policy on the website (methods include debit/credit card, electronic funds transfer, and Apple Pay), over the phone (1-800-440-0998), or by check/money order. More information regarding payment options can be found here. In order to pay your bill online, you must sign in to your account. Below is a detailed overview of the login, policy registration, and online claims processes. How to Login Step 1 – You can sign in via the ‘Login’ link located in the upper right corner of any page on the website (as seen in the screenshot below). Click the button, and select what you want to do once you are signed in from the drop-down list (pay insurance bill, view accounts, report/view claim, view ID card, or change preferences). Alternatively, you can go directly to the account access page (here). Step 2 – Enter your user ID and password, and then click the ‘Log In’ button. Forgot Password – Click one of the two links as outlined below. You will be transferred to the password reset/username recovery page. Provide all of the required information, and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password or recover your user ID. Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – On the login page, click the ‘Register’ link. Step 2 – On the next page, enter your personal information into the input fields. The policy/online account registration process is comprised of three steps (1. Customer Information 2. User ID/Password 3. Identity Verification). Make a Claim You can initiate a life insurance claim online, as well as over the phone/in-person with your local agent. A general overview of the claims process can be viewed here. Step 1 – To begin the online claims process, go to this page. The online ‘Notice of Loss’ form is five steps long. Note: Call 877-292-0398 for technical support. Step 2 – Select your relationship to the person who has passed away (family/friend or business), and then select if you are the executor, trustee, or beneficiary. Click the ‘Continue’ button to go to the next step. Note: More information will be required depending on your answers to certain questions. 

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