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UMR is not an actual insurance company, rather it is what’s known as a “TPA” (third party administrator), it is a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare. UMR is hired by employers to manage the payment/administration of employee claim payments. The company’s online service (UMR Portal) allows individuals as well as employers to view claim payment updates, track payments, calculate treatment costs, etc.

UMR Login | Enroll in Online Access

The “UMR Portal” allows members to find medical service providers, estimate treatment costs, track claim details (such as payments), find and download specific claim forms, and more. Learn how to access the portal, register a new account, and reset your password in the instructions posted below. How to Log In Step 1 – Start by going to the homepage (click the login link at the top of this page or enter in your web browser). Step 2 – Once on the homepage, enter your login details (username/password) into the login form at the top of the page. Forgot Password – Press the “Forgot Username/Password” link under the password input field. Enter your account username and the click “Submit.” If you do not know your username, you will be required to register a new account (username/password). Enroll in Online Access Step 1 – Under the login form, press the “New user? Register here” link to be taken to the enrollment page. Step 2 – Select whether you are a member, or the spouse/partner of a member. Press the continue button. Note: You will need your benefits ID card to complete the enrollment process. Step 3 – Create your profile (username/password/contact details) and then verify it in order to complete the registration process.

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