Wawanesa Auto/Car Insurance Reviews

Wawanesa auto insurance is a no frills policy that is available in only 2 states – Oregon and California. There are a variety of options including collision, comprehensive, roadside assistance and rental car coverage. The company was founded in 1896 in Canada and expanded to the US market in 1974. Policies are sold directly online or over the phone without agents. They target drivers with a clean record to keep rates low.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Premium payments for a Wawanesa auto insurance policy can be made by mail or online using a checking/savings account or a credit card.  The process detailed below explains how to set up an account and log in to make a payment. Note: Payments are made through the EZPay website How to Log In Step 1 – Go to www.wawanesa.com Note: You can also sign in by clicking on the Login link given at the top of this page. Step 2 – Locate the login form on the right hand side of your screen as shown below. Step 3 – Enter your policy/account number and last name then click on the ‘Login’ button. Enroll in Online Access You will not be required to enroll to view your billing and policy information. However, you will be required to do so to use EZPay. Below are the step by step instructions. Step 1 – Go to the EZPay website. Step 2 – At the top right hand side of the page, click on the registration link as shown below. Step 3 – Enter your policy/account number as it appears on your billing stab or policy declaration and the first 4 character of your last name. Click “Continue” to proceed.     Non-Login Payment You don’t need to sign in to the EZPay website to pay. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Debit Card. NOTE: The maximum allows transaction amount is $2000, and a convenience fee of $9.95 is charged. Step 1 – Go to the one-time payment service page. Step 2 – Enter your account number or policy number and your last name. Click Submit to proceed with the payment process. Make a Claim Step 1 – Go to the homepage. On the top menu of the website, click on the “Claims” link. Step 2 – On the drop down menu that appears, click on “Submit Residential Claim”. Step 3 – Fill in the claim report. You will be required to enter your personal details and loss information.

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Free Wawanesa Auto Insurance Quote

Free Wawanesa auto insurance quotes can be obtained on the website for all plans. Call a quote specialist at 1-877-929-2637 if you need a quote for a trailer or motor home, if you have more than 9 drivers or vehicles, or if the vehicles are meant for transportation of materials and goods. Existing policyholders who want to change or add cars can call customer service at 1-800-640-2920. Below is an overview of the online quote process. How to Get a Quote Step 1 – Go to the website and select your location (e.g. California).  Click on the get an Auto Quote button as shown below. Step 2 – Fill in the vehicle information form. Enter the year, make, model, body type, engine type, primary use, mileage per annum, theft recovery mechanisms, ownership details and desired coverage options.  You can opt to add a vehicle at this point. Click ‘Continue’ when you are done. Step 3 – Enter driver details. This includes name, date of birth, gender, marital status, address and contact details.  You will also be required to provide some information about your driving record. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed. Step 4 – Fill in the ‘Driver Assignments & Garaged Information’ form and enter the verification code. Click the ‘Submit Your Quote’ button. Step 5 – You can now view your quote.      

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